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Stock Charts

Free Stock Charts from ChartIQ. These are stock charts that are constructed using HTML5, CSS (cascading style sheets) and JavaScript. Unlike traditional charts that require installed desktop software or a browser plugin (like Silverlight or Flash), HTML 5 stock charts work on any device and in any browser. They work whether your users are using Internet Explorer on a Windows computer, Safari on a Mac, or an iPad or Android tablet.

iPad and iPhone Stock Charts

On a mobile device, such as an iPad or iPhone, our iPad and iPhone stock charts can be manipulated using touch gestures like pinch, swipe, and tap. On a computer with a web browser, they have a full set of mouse and keyboard controls. This provides a full technical analysis tool set, with a common user interface and look and feel, across all devices.

Chart Types

  • Candlestick charts. These are the gold standard in technical analysis, which include Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) and whether the security was up or down for the time period.
  • Bar charts. A more traditional representation of Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC)
  • Line charts. A clean, simple way to look a stock trends within a chart.
  • Wave charts. A variation on line charts that interpolates Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) for additional granularity.

More Information

Embedded Stock Charts

ChartIQ’s HTML 5 Stock Charts can be embedded within a website, an installed desktop application, or a mobile app. This flexibility allows you as a developer to use one charting toolset across all of your target platforms.

iPad Stock Charts

Mobile is overturning old models just as the Internet did over a decade ago. ChartIQ has developed stock charting software with mobile optimization and an advanced toolset geared towards technical traders. ChartIQ’s iPad Stock Charts are available directly to investors, as well being offered via white labeled solutions through brokerages and finance sites.

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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis (TA) is the discipline of analyzing stock charts for patterns that emerge over different time periods in order to identify high probability stock trade opportunities. Some traders use fundamental analysis to identify the stocks they wish to invest in, and use technical analysis for market timing. Others rely solely on technical analysis; identifying high probability trades without looking at the fundamentals of the underlying security.

Some of the techniques used in technical analysis include:

  • Fibonacci retracements and Fibonacci expansions, which are used to identify projected retracement levels and price targets (respectively), using key percentage levels based on the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Elliott wave principle, which was discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliott and outlined in his book The Wave Principle. Elliott waves are used to identify trends (optimism) and trend reversals (pessimism) based on crowd psychology.
  • Market Profile is a technique to visualize the distribution of price action through a time period, in the form of a bell curve. Market Profile analysis is normally used as an intraday stock analysis technique, but can be applied to any periodicity.